Writer’s Block Theory

person writing on white paper Photo by bongkarn thanyakij on Pexels.com

There have been so many ideas of what writes think writer’s block is some peg it as an excuse for being lazy. Some say it’s because we aren’t writing what we want or even because you are creating a false reality for your characters. Isn’t that crazy? I’ve heard this phrase numerous times in my life, especially because I spend my time with fragile hearted writers, myself included. I don’t know what it is, but once we sit in front of a table looking at a blank screen with no words coming, we say it must be writer’s block.

Many say there’s no cure for such a thing. But after hearing numerous professors having their own opinion, one thing was sure they only knew one solution, and that is to write. Isn’t that silly that the one thing you can’t do is the cure.

I was told to write, even if it turned out crappy, even if it’s not what your characters would do, it might not even be pages to for your story, play, or poem, but it might strike something in you so small you didn’t know it was there.

So maybe try freeing your mind and let the mess of writing become something beautiful. You can’t write without beginning. So try writing on paper instead of your laptop or vise versa. Write in a new location. Find a way to bring your words out of you, even if it’s through brutal force!