Hello everyone,

Chaotic Merge is a magazine created with the idea of showcasing the love of the arts—bringing the artist back to that raw moment when they fell in love with their art form. When it wasn’t all about structure and pleasing an audience, it was writing a short prose/ illustration that you had fun writing/creating and made the writer/artist laugh. Chaotic Merge wants to emphasize work that is not popular in the media and wouldn’t be published in the usual literary magazine.

Chaotic Merge Magazine is currently just a small lit mag right now, and we are okay with that. We hope to grow over time and make it a hard copy magazine in the future. We also hope to pay our contributors in the future for their art and release events that can further our horizons. We are planning to use all the donations to help this small community grow! I hope you all consider donating to this magazine because we love Chaotic Merge, and we hope you will too!


Chaotic Merge