Written Chaos

About us

Written Chaos is a podcast with Bailey Peabody and Jasmine Ferrufino. Join them on their journey as they talk about books, movies, plays, and everything in between.

Meet the Voices

Jasmine Ferrufino studies Creative Writing at SUNY Purchase.She spends most of her time reading numerous books that she has no place for. She continually tries to build a safe space for readers and writers to communicate. Although she spends most of her time running around doing things, nothing beats the happiness of lying down on her bed and chilling with Declan, her adorable kitten.

Bailey Peabody is a junior at SUNY Purchase, majoring in Playwriting/ Screenwriting and History. She is very involved in politics and making the world a better and place for everyone. When she isn’t working, she is writing, watching TV and movies, knitting, and playing with her dog and two cats.