General Guidelines

*Note: We don’t have themes for Issues. We believe all art forms and genres can beautifully collide into a Chaotic Merge.

Chaotic Merge is looking for submissions from all different forms of artist. We seek work that is adventurous and test the border of art and structure. Don’t be afraid to mess with everything you have ever learned in your lives. We write to have fun! We encourage voice of people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ community to submit their work.

Our response time is from 2 weeks to 3 months. If you haven’t received word back from us by then, you may send us a query to Please remember we are doing the best we can to get back to you as quickly as possible.

While we accept simultaneous submissions, please notify us on our email ( immediately to withdraw your work once it has been accepted elsewhere.

All submission must be submitted through Submittable.


We accept up to 3 unpublished poems ( a non-English work & its English translation count as one poem submission


We accept up to 2 unpublished short fiction piece (up to 5,000 words or 10-15 pgs)


We accept up to 2 unpublished short Nonfiction pieces (up to 5,000 words or 10-15 pgs)

Flash Fiction

We accept up to 3 unpublished flash fiction.

Art/ photographs/ illustrations

We accept up to 5 unpublished art/photographs/ illustrations in pdf, png, and jpeg. (all submissions will be considered for cover art and Issue) Please submit all work in 300 dpi.

Screenplay/ Plays

We accept up to 2 unpublished Screenplay or Play (up to 10 pages) 

Other Information

Chaotic Merge Magazine publishes only unpublished work, unless we ourselves request for them.By submitting your work, you affirm that you are the sole author and maintain all rights for your work.By submitting your work, you authorize Chaotic Merge Magazine to publish your work in both its e-journal, online platforms, and print.

We will now be offering a small $3-$5 payment for each work(s) accepted. Currently, that is the best we can do for our writers, and we are working on improving this amount in the future. Also, all works will be considered and nominated for The Pushcart Prize.


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