Issue 3 (online)

Thank you for reading Issue 3 of Chaotic Merge! Our staff puts an immense amount of effort into trying to create a place for writers and artists to showcase their work. I hope you all consider donating a small amount to help support this magazine and for us to keep creating a safe place for writers and artists!

This issue includes fiction from Alec Clayton, David Mitchell, Luise Mörke, Synovia Roberts, and Steve Carr. Art/Photography/illustration by Bruce McRae, CoCo Hubbeling, Jasmine Kaur, Katrin Savich, Laurie Marshall, Lee Davenport, and Scarlett Lake. Nonfiction by Brigid Pine, Lauren Theresa, and Shome Dasgupta. Poetry by Faye Alexandra Rose & Eliza Fixler. Play by Alyssa Cokinis. Interview with Chelsea Muscat about her short film “Searching for the Wave.” Plus our talented Cover Artist CoCo Hubbeling.