Issue 6 | Summer Issue


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Size: 6″ x 8.25″

This issue include works by the following contributors:

Cover: Plastic Flowers Never Die by Lee Davenport

Interview: In Conversation with the Creators of Chill Subs— Karina Kupp and Benjamin Davis

The Long and Bouncy Road by Dan Broztel
America’s Child by Dalton Sikes
A Good Girl by Amy Monaghan
When Your Sister Went Poltergeist by Lori D’Angelo,
My Name Is by Karis Ryu,

Time Travel with Eggs by Laura Dzubay
Death Wordle by Rachel Lutwick-Deaner
If I Was Silence by Dylan Boyer
Human Subjects by Emily Polson

river birch run by Timothy Fox
slumber party prophets by Kailey Tedesco
Diet Coke by Miles Varana
To the Mother of My Abuser by Taylor Franson-Thiel
She Knows Where I Live by Raynar Rogers
Seal of Silence by Allan Lake
Days and Nights by Christ Keivom
Myofascial Trigger Point by Court Ludwick
Bees by Wren Donovan
Planets by Morgan Bazilian

Checkerboard by Marjorie Gaber
5:10 PM by Iat Fong Kong
A Comet From Afar and Broad Daylight by Lee Davenport
Long DistanceArtificial Convenience, and Harvesting the Sky by Jill Letten
রূপকথা – poetic nomadic II by Sujash Purna
A Dimming Light and Don’t Go In by Gina Gidaro
Dance of the Oil DerrickBridge, and Hay Bale Somersaults by Jennifer Weigel

R.R by Juliana Warta
Bernice At Night by Francis DiClemente
Reflection by Gerry Rodriguez

This issue was edited by:

Editor in Chief – Jasmine Ferrufino

Fiction Managing Editor – Mason Martinez

Poetry Managing Editor – Britt Trachtenberg

Nonfiction Managing Editor – Emily Townsend

Fiction Editors- Lassiter Jamison, Isha Jain, Audrey T. Carroll, and Kylie Yockey

Nonfiction Editors – Frederica Danzinger, Tabatha Miller, Christopher Barton

Poetry Editors – Sarah Lawless, Ali Van Glad, Ayla Marsden, and Kirry Kaufer

Playwriting & Screenwriting Editors – Bailey Peabody and Jasmine Ferrufino

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